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Mortgage solutions that can help you

We have access vetted network of dozens of financial institutions and lenders and have helped our clients get into the properties they desire, or to stay in their homes with ideal financial outcomes. Whatever your financial needs, don’t worry we can help!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations, you are here! This milestone marks the first time you buy a house or property. It is an extremely exciting and potentially terrifying task depending on how you think about it. You will have so many questions; RRSP usage, savings to apply, tax implications and more. Get advice that works for you, explore our options for your first time Oakville property purchase.

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Mortgage Renewals

Every mortgage comes with a term that extends across a certain period of time. The end of the term requires that you either renew with your existing lender or take the opportunity to find better rates, terms and conditions. This is in our wheelhouse! Let us add value to your mortgage renewal as our service is free to you but our experience is priceless!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Second Mortgages

Second mortgages come in a variety of forms. Either you are looking to take out equity from your home, or to bridge financing. There are multitude of life situations where a second mortgage can help, and so can we!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing is one of the leading tools to re-balance your credit and finances or to extract equity from your property for other uses. We can help you understand your options that meet your needs and find you the best outcome!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC really is a type of a second mortgage. You are allowed to use a portion of the equity built up in your property to guarantee a credit line and thus secure an attractive borrowing rate and access to funds when you need them.

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Self Employed Mortgages

Many of our Oakville mortgage clients are self-employed. We get it, you have cash and income, but proving it with a big bank at times can be a real headache. We know the ins and outs of mortgage products for self-employed entrepreneurs and are happy to share our knowledge to help you find mortgage financing.

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Low Income Mortgages

Your income is not ideal but you’re paying more in rent than you would for a mortgage. We understand your situation and can help. Don’t let others tell you that you cannot be a homeowner, we’ll work with you to help understand what you can afford and or what you need to do to meet lending requirements!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Debt Consolidation

We also specialize in debt consolidation for our clients across Oakville. We can use a wide array of financing from A, B or private lenders to consolidate your debt and make your monthly payments more manageable. Speak with us today!

residential mortgage solutions oakville
Bad Credit Repair

Sometimes the fundamentals are there, your ratios are great, but you have had circumstances affect your credit score. Many lenders will hold this against your application. However do not let this deter you, we can help. We understand what impacts credit, how to repair it and to find lenders for clients who are improving their bruised credit positions. Explore options with us, you will be glad you did!

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