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The Mortgage Broker Difference

More Options With Brokers

The process of choosing a mortgage product to finance your dream home should never be taken lightly. You need to know exactly what you’re signing up for and be assured that it’s the right product for your financial situation. You can go to a bank to discuss your mortgage but why minimize your options. Working with a mortgage broker allows you to sit back and be assured that adequate comparison shopping and research is done to help you find the best possible mortgage. Mortgage Brokers help borrowers save time and money by leveraging their significant lender networks to find the best available options.

Why hire a Mortgage Broker?

There are numerous benefits of using a mortgage broker. Most people who have never hired a broker before assume that they will be charged a fee or be forced into a product they’re not comfortable with. Ideally, mortgage brokers are paid by the financial institution that gives you the loan.  As well, they are paid on commission mainly because they help the lender to cut back on certain costs. Therefore, as a borrower you typically have no additional costs when you choose to hire a broker.

As a premier mortgage solutions provider, we provide financial advice and brokered mortgages across all parts of Oakville including: Old Oakville and Lakeshore, Uptown Core, Bronte, Kerr Village, Eastlake, Clearview, College Park, Iroquois Ridge North / South, Glen Abbey, Palermo, River Oaks, West Oak Trails.

Our brokerage is licensed to serve clients throughout Ontario and Alberta and are happy to help you with all you mortgage financing needs!

Oakville Mortgage Brokers Who Care!

Finding clients the Right TERMS, CONDITIONS as well as the Right RATE is critical when obtaining the best available mortgage!


Often times, people will make two types of mistakes when searching for a mortgage:

Mistake 1 – Approaching only one or two financial institutions directly!

This limits you often to uncompetitive rates that are not cross shopped and will mean that you miss real savings on your mortgage. Remember, the financial institution’s incentive is to get you on the highest rate possible for the longest term. It seems like they are intentionally offering all kinds of rational on fixed versus variable to try and get you into a mortgage product that may not be the right solution for you. As experienced Oakville Mortgage Brokers, we understand the mortgage industry and more importantly, the real estate industry. With our vast network of vetted financial lenders, our client’s mortgages are shopped to ensure each client gets a mortgage that is in line with their unique financial circumstances.

Mistake 2 – Focusing solely on rate!

Everyone wants to get a great rate on their mortgage but it is important to be careful about making your decision solely on the mortgage rate. Some rate websites imply that is all you need but this can be misleading. The great rate they talk about may come with terms that will cause all kinds of hidden payments, lock you in for unfavourable periods, and add hidden fees that you may not be familiar with. We have dealt with clients that other brokers and lenders took really far down an undesirable path. We helped them get a mortgage product with a great rate, terms, and conditions. Remember, with us you are getting trusted financial advisors who will help you make the most from your next mortgage.

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